The performing arts have always welcomed difference, even in the wide range of disciplines housed under the term. Music, dance, drama, and film are all conduits of transcendence, experiences beyond the bounds of our normal, everyday lives. Likewise, LOH’s mission has always been to channel transcendent moments through the performing arts, while offering diverse programming to broaden and enrich our cultural horizons.

Following our “COVID intermission,” which began in March 2021, and as we welcomed patrons back into the theater in August 2021, we realized programming alone isn’t enough. We want LOH to showcase differences both on and off the stage, creating a welcoming space that’s accessible to all.

By the end of 2021, we formed the LOH Diversity Council, which consists of LOH staff and board members who represent different segments of our community. We work together to identify what we’re doing well, address our challenges, and work to improve every day. This blog is one of these improvements.

We hope you’ll visit this blog to share, learn, and grow right along with us!

Lebanon Opera House Diversity Council