Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Grab some take out and tune in to this exclusive LOH house concert streamed via YouTube [CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE EVENT]

For a touring musician likehttps://youtu.be/Ug4GU2Ds59ghttps://youtu.be/k2BWoajkPEI Eugene Friesen, the past year has been seriously…chill. No schlepping his cello though airports and into planes, trains, and automobiles. “It’s been a huge parenthesis in a hectic and glorious life,” he said. “And into the vacuum has come a new body of work for small ensemble. A very small ensemble.”

With his Royal Chilharmonic project, the four-time Grammy winner creates a virtual symphony by adding electronics and pre-recorded sounds to his trademark solo recitals. He turns his improvisational imagination loose with influences ranging from Bach to the blues and from Brazil to the Balkans.

Expect an evening of music that is impossible to label and resembles the flow of nature—colorful, melodic, pulsing, and spontaneous.

The LOH on Location series is made possible thanks to the generous support of Kevin and Punam Keller.