Sunday, April 2, 7 pm

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At LOH, the jovial alt-rockers bring all the hits: from Satellite and Amsterdam to Barrel of a Gun and One Man Wrecking Machine.

Reflecting on Look Alive, the band’s eighth album, drummer Brian Rosenworcel notes how much they’ve grown since their early days on the Boston alt-rock scene: “Writing songs for the second straight record with multi-instrumentalist Luke Reynolds (who joined the band in 2010) has been a key to our evolution. Working with artists like Leo Abrahams, John Congleton, and Collen DuPuis proved to be inspiring and adds to a ‘brain trust’ that bolsters songs. With Look Alive the plan was simple. Grow our musical community. Write better and better songs. Keeps our minds open. Never repeat ourselves and create a legacy of music that is undeniable.”