Sunday, August 14, 4:00 pm

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Mikahely hails from the beautiful island of Madagascar but his music is out of this world! A self-taught musician, he draws inspiration from traditional Malagasy rhythms to create a unique sound on guitar and valiha, a zither-like instrument made from bamboo.

Before leaving Madagascar to settle in Vermont, Mika was one half of the popular music duo Mika and Davis. The band introduced a traditional genre of music (basesa) to a wider audience. Mika calls it an antidote to the pre-packaged French pop that’s so pervasive in Madagascar: “A lot of what comes out on stage is being created in the moment. It just flows from my heart to my hands.”

This performance is part of LOH’s FREE Nexus Music and Arts Festival. Location: Colburn Park Stage (across from LOH)