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Our Social Profit Partners

All Together

A community resource for prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery of substance misuse and suicide. All Together envisions an Upper Valley region that sustains healthy, safe, and resilient youth, families, and communities.
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An organization supporting individuals and their families, friends, and neighbors affected by substance use, navigating recovery, or in crisis by providing effective programs and treatment options that support prevention and long-term recovery. Headrest will never turn anyone away.
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HIV/HCV Resource Center

The mission of HIV/HCV Resource Center is to provide direct services that empower and support people affected by HIV, Hepatitis C and substance use to live fully and with dignity. We work to improve health through harm reduction, education and advocacy. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change within our communities.

Public Health Council of the Upper Valley

To improve the health of Upper Valley residents through shared public health initiatives and services within a network of community stakeholders.

Spark! Community Center

Spark! Community Center’s mission is to provide a welcoming place where the lives of all people of differing abilities are enriched through a sense of community. Our vision is to be a vibrant center that embraces a diverse integrated community where all participants are inspired to realize their fullest personal potential.

Special Needs Support Center

We are a group of individuals and families throughout the Upper Valley and beyond who proudly work together to create a community where people with special needs, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, can live their best lives.

Visions for Creative Housing Solutions

The mission of Visions for Creative Housing Solutions is to provide residential options, services and support designed to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities and similar disabling conditions. We are dedicated to fostering growth and independence through vocational, social, and recreational opportunities.


An organization leading the Upper Valley to end gender-based violence through survivor-centered advocacy, prevention, education, and mobilization for social change.
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Social-Profit Ambassador Program – Memorandum of Understanding:

Availability to work on collaborative projects
Availability to present/table at LOH events when applicable
Availability to provide technical assistance

Social capital/resources for:
Training/resources for community best practices, i.e. neuro-diverse populations
Education and prevention, i.e., harm reduction/de-escalation resources

Collaboration for mutual benefit:
Equitable mission to benefit community thriving
Letters of support and/or grants
Volunteering with LOH
Shared advertising through print/wed/social media

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