Jack O’Connell Theater Technical Specifications

Download LOH tech specs


  • Proscenium opening – 28’10” W X 20’ High
  • Stage Height from Audience floor – 39”
  • Back wall from plaster line – 28’           Back wall from apron – 36’
  • Grid at 50’
  • Stage left wings 12’ wide and 24’ deep Stage right usable – 10’ wide and 15’ deep

Thrust in semi-circle from about 6’8” at proscenium opening sides to 8’ at center from plaster line. There are two trap doors, one DSR near the lip and the other USC. Both require some planning and consultation before use. The stage can be accessed from the green room at both sides. The house seats 803 when all seats are in place. It is air-conditioned and newly refurbished with new seats, carpet and appointments.

There is no on stage cross over, if you need this ability you must discuss with Lebanon Opera House Technical Director.


The rigging is a T-track system with all line sets on arbors. Loading Rail is above stage level.

Pipe lengths vary the first 6 pipes are 40’ (they are double purchase as well). From line set #7 to line set #23 they are 44’. #24 and #25 are 38’ (Due to SR Access from Greenroom).

House Line Set Schedule with measurements from Plaster Line:

  • #1.1′ Main Valance
  • #2.2′ Main Drape/ Travel or Fly
  • #3 3′ Legs
  • #4 4’ First Electric (Raceway)15 Circuits
  • #5 5′ Free
  • #6 6′ Free
  • #7 7′ Free
  • #8 8′ Border
  • #9 9′ Legs
  • #10 10′ Second Electric (Raceway)15 Circuits
  • #11 11′ Free
  • #12 12′ Free
  • #13 13′ Full Stage Black (no fullness)
  • #14 14′ Border
  • #15 15′ Legs
  • #16 16′ Third Electric (2 @ 8 circuit drop boxes that can be moved)
  • #17 17′ Free
  • #18 18′ Black Scrim
  • #19 19′ Border
  • #20 20′ Fourth Electric (Raceway)10 circuits
  • #21 21′ Free
  • #22 22′ Legs
  • #23 23′ Free
  • #24 24′ White CYC
  • #25 24.5’ Full Stage Black (with fullness)

There is a truss with 16 circuits rigged at @ 1’ DOWNSTAGE of the proscenium opening.

The main drape is rigged to fly or travel.

Maximum drop height to fly out of sight @ 22’ (20’ high better) Batten High Trim @ 40’

Normal electric trim heights for this stage are between 22’ and 26’.

For Renters: If you require a different set up for Masking please let the Lebanon Opera House Technical Director know before your arrival.

Soft Goods

  • Black two part drop, (not rigged to travel) with Fullness – 22’ High x 20’ wide
  • Black two part drop, (not rigged to travel) Fullness – 20’ high x 20’ wide
  • White Cyc 20’ high x 36’ wide
  • Three Borders no fullness 8’ high x 38’ wide
  • One border no fullness 6’ high x 38’ wide
  • Four sets of black legs no fullness 22’ high x 8’2” wide
  • One se of legs 22’ high x 6’ wide
  • Black scrim 19’ high x 34’5” wide

The fire curtain is automatic release and must be kept clear for all productions. (IE. Nothing hard can break the plaster line)

Lighting Inventory

There are 92 ETC Source Four bodies with the following selection of lens tubes (there are more tubes than bodies). All source four instruments are lamped at 575W:

  • 6-50 Dg
  • 30-36 Dg
  • 40-26 Dg
  • 27-19 Dg

(Only 92 Source Four Bodies)

  • 24- Source Four Parnels
  • 27-Par 64s at 1K

There are no followspots in house; may be rented at renter’s expense.

8 Hotstik LED cyc strips (normally hung on 4th electric, Lineset #20)

Lighting Control

  • One ETC 48 Sensor Rack (rated 20 amps per dimmer/ 2.4 kw per dimmer)
  • One ETC 96 Dimmer Rack (rated 20 amps per dimmer/ 2.4 kw per dimmer) Hard Patched in Basement
  • One ETC sensor 12-pack (rated 20 amps per dimmer/ 2.4 kw per dimmer) Powered off of Company Switch onstage.

Lighting console: ETC Element 60/500

LOH does not have the electrical resources to handle more dimmers. It is necessary to realize this and plan to adapt you plot to these specifications. LOH uses GPC (3Pin) for all connectors.

Focus points for front of house are in the ceiling. Stage and box positions are done from ladders. Electrics on stage and front of stage truss can be focused from an Extension Stick A-Frame.

The House Rep Plot consists of a 2-color wash from front of house; a 3-color down wash from the stage; high sides from each side provide a single color from either side.

If you are looking for additional lighting or have some custom needs, please contact the technical director.


HIGHLite Laser II 13000L WUXGA , 3-Chip DLP

Power for the Stage:

There is a 100A Company Switch on Stage. It is located on the back wall of the theatre on the SL side of the stage.  There are also 6 non-dim circuits available nearby:  2 from the front of the stage; 1 stage left; 1 on the back wall; and 2 that feed down from the DSR mid-gallery.


LOH Sound System

PA System                                                                                                               

1               Midas      Pro2        FOH Console

16            Adamson IS10         Installation S10 line array speaker – Flown

4              Adamson IS119       Installation Subwoofer 19″ – Flown

3              Adamson IS7           Front fill speakers

4              LabGruppen           D1204L    4 channel amplifier

Monitor System

1              Midas      Pro2C     Monitor Console

2              Midas      DL231     24 Channel Acitve Mic Preamp Splitter

4              JBL          SRX812   2-Way Bi-ampable Passive Speaker

4              QSC        GXD8      2 channel Power Amp with Processing

Microphones & DI’s

1              Shure                      Beta 52    Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

4              Shure                      SM58       Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

4              Shure                      SM57       Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

4              Shure                      SM81       Pattern Selectable Condensor Microphone

4              Sennheiser             e604        Cardioid Dynamic Microphone with Drum Mount

2             Countryman            Active DI Type 10 Active Direct Box

2              Pro-Co                    CB-1        Passive Direct Box

2              Pro-D2                    Radial DI  Stereo Direct Box

Stands & Cable

8              K&M        210/9       Tall Professional Boom Mic Stand

4              K&M        259          Medium Professional Boom Mic Stand

1              K&M        255          Short Professional Boom Mic Stand

2              Whirlwind Mini 12    75′ Low Profile Stage Snake

1              Whirlwind Mini 12    50′ Low Profile Stage Snake

1              Rapco            Cable Package               10-15′ XLRs, 20-25′ XLRs

Tascam CD player available for audio playback, please have all audio material in CD format or thumb drive as a WAV file

For artists with major sound needs we have several sound companies that regularly work with LOH. Please contact LOH’s Technical Director for a list.

Orchestra Pit

There is no orchestra pit at LOH, but a system of 3’6” baffles on the floor in front of the stage is available and can accommodate up to 36 piece orchestras. This option requires the removal of rows of audience seating and must be discussed before tickets go on sale.

25 Music Stands, stand lights and 50 chairs are also available. A Technics SX-PX552 electric keyboard with weighted action is available as well as a Yamaha upright for use. The floor in front of the stage is carpeted in the area we use as a pit.

Access to the Stage

LOH’s freight elevator (with a door opening of  5’-5 1/2” wide x 6’-11 1/2” high with internal clearance of 9’ door to door and rated for 5000 lbs) connects directly to the stage and can handle most standard size road boxes etc. LOH also has a 10’x10’ loading door located 12’ above ground which can be reached with a fork lift for loads too big for the elevator (Forklift needs to be rented from an outside supplier so please let LOH Technical Director know well in advance if you are planning to use this door). The door from the elevator lobby to the stage is 7’4” wide and 9’2” high. Please contact LOH Technical Director if your set has extra large pieces.

Stage Hands Union

LOH has an agreement with IATSE Local 919.  LOH’s Technical Director has extensive experience with all aspects of theater, and will be in charge of the crew requirements.

Dressing Rooms

LOH’s Green Room has four dressing rooms suitable for two or three people each. It also has two showers and three toilets. There is a laundry space, with 1 Washer and 1 Dryer, and kitchenette adjacent to the lounge area. Down one flight from the green room are two larger “Chorus” dressing rooms with toilets to accommodate 12 – 20 people. The LOH Technical Director’s office can be used for a production office, equipped with one landline. There is Wireless Internet available and works in most of the building, ask the Lebanon Opera House Technical Director for the password.

There are two local hospitals within five miles of LOH:

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital
125 Mascoma Street, Lebanon, NH
(603) 448-3121

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
One Medical Center Drive, Lebanon NH
(603) 650-5000